Bite-size, bilingual stories written at just the right level, for mobile and web.

A Colibro story is an interactive language experience that allows students to study another language in a completely new way – by reading and listening to stories. Each story is read aloud by a native speaker, accompanied by optional line-by-line translation and corresponding text is highlighted as the audio is played.

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How We Help You

Language Learners and Students

read and listen to stories in other languages read by native speakers – with translation text – at just the right level of difficulty

Parents and Guardians

foster your child’s biliteracy by reading fun, engaging stories

Teachers, Tutors and Educators

empower students with our scaffolded framework of engaging texts and educational narratives; encourage self-directed learning at-level

Publishers and Content Owners

partner with us to repurpose content for language learning and bilingual classrooms

Colibro Conversations

little boy playing with tablet isolated in white
Why Colibro is Special
28 February, 2016 /
by Ken Bond I am proud to be affiliated with Colibro, a publishing and media company for language learners for
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Pre teen girl playing on tablet pc laying down on a white carpet at home
Receptive Language Domains
27 February, 2016 /
Colibro’s value as a supplemental curriculum is that it enhances students’ receptive language domains gradu
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Mobile, Synchronized Multimedia for Language Learning
15 February, 2016 /
Synchronization of read-aloud audio and text in language learning is a powerful reinforcement for language lear
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